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Kingdom Hearts and Big Hero 6 Cross-Over by BenLeslie5
Kingdom Hearts and Big Hero 6 Cross-Over

This idea has been in the works for a while and getting around to doing a sketch of it loved the film which I watched twice in Cinemas. It’s very likely that it could appear in Kingdom Hearts III if it happened thought I'd do a Cross-Over of my own.


Hiro and Baymax are tracking down the where about of a mysterious man in a black coat and wearing a Kabuki mask, what Hiro really needs is a group of friends or even a team of heroes to helping in him out. Sora, Donald and Goofy want to join and help Hiro uncover the mystery but with the help from Hiro's friends Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Fred and Go-Go they all form one big team to stopping the mysterious man.

Cosplay- Abe (Oddworld Abe's Oddysee) SUNNYCON2014 by BenLeslie5
Cosplay- Abe (Oddworld Abe's Oddysee) SUNNYCON2014
Entered the Cosplay Masquerade for the second time at SUNNYCON 2014 and yes managed to get my cosplay done before that weekend and even entered the Cosplay Masquerade as Abe (Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee)

Actually thought that I was going to give up during the progress on making Abe, started working on it straight as the Easter holidays the mask was pretty much forward using a carnival mask and then sanding it and paper mache it with PVA glue with newspapers and paper including paint on top. The eyes creeped a few people out because they were made out of ping pong balls and drilling a hole in for me to see and of course attaching a mouth and lips. Took a lot of photos and notes as I progressed on making the cosplay, used latex fabric for the skin and a fake chest piece for the front chest which I painted in green and covered the nipples. I used brown cloth material for the loincloth, the hairpiece which was stuffed with cotton wool pads which I've also used to cover the mouth and eyes too for cotton wool. And the feet were pretty much a pair of dinosaur slippers and stitched the claws and turning them into toes. I got a lot of photos during that weekend from fans, gamers and friends who were at the convention. I would admit that I was boiling under the Abe costume because the weather during the weekend was really sunny and warm at the same time.
KH and Attack on Titan Cross-Over by BenLeslie5
KH and Attack on Titan Cross-Over
I am sorry for not working on any Cross-Over drawings on Kingdom Hearts for a while but this idea has been in my head for ages and finally got around to drawing it based on both Kingdom Hearts and Attack on Titan.


Eren, Mikasa and Armin have signed up to the military to fight the Titans after their home town is invaded and Eren's mother is eaten. As the story progresses, the truth behind the origin of the Titans arises and the story shifts to one about political subterfuge. Sora, Donald and Goofy have no idea what kind of world they have entered which is more insane then their last adventures where you can't easily defeat Titans just like that but however Sora's keyblade can be used to unlock the secrets of the Titans and helping Eren and his friends discover the truth and helping them fight back against the Titans.

While protecting Armin from a Titan, Eren is swallowed, leading his friends to believe he is dead. Mikasa recalls and explains to Sora about her past when her parents were killed but she was saved by Eren. When the soldiers are about to lose hope, a mysterious rogue titan appears and starts attacking and killing the other Titans. After making use of this distraction to regroup and resupply, they watch the rogue Titan collapse from exhaustion and are surprised to see an unharmed Eren from its body. Eren gets the idea that he could use his powers to fight against the Titans and help his friends.
After recovering from Nemacon from 4 weeks ago I've been pretty busy, had an interview for an Admin Apprentice but still waiting for a reply back :( But Nemacon was AWESOME :D you can read my blog about it here-…

Had a great day on the Saturday with a few friends and people I've met at Nemacon which was a few weeks back My Nemacon Blog + 900th Blog!! pretty much has a Cosplay Picnic in Newcastle, playing abit of Twister and Street assing (3DS) Some of my friends kept asking me was my hair real? I was wearing that blue wig again and cosplaying as the Persona 3 Protagnist (Persona 3) again in the middle of town on a Saturday afternoon.

Hopfully they'll be more meet ups in the future but however I'm going to another Anime Event this Friday (13th July) and Saturday (14th July) called Anime Attacks which is in Gateshead, going to be cosplaying as Professor Layton for Friday and Fujimoto (Ponyo) for the Saturday :D

The cosplay I've got on Fujimoto (Ponyo), managed to find a cheap shirt simular to the one in the film and reckon I can easily pull it off at the end of the weekend, have been trying to keep this quiet from my other Anime friends in general but they are going to find out sooner or later. And the week after it'll be my birthday (July 22nd) and of course Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop (3DS) is also released two days before along with the Batman movie (Or as I called it Adam West).

Like my last month, this month is going to be pretty crazy for me but then again I did have a few odd dreams where I was really popluar and everyone kept sending me Social Events going on in Newcastle either Anime related or hanging out in general and my Social Links went out of control (Persona 3/4) just hope that none of this doesn't happen real life. For those who have picked up the lastes issue of MyM, which is a UK Anime/Manga magazine one of my reivews which was Street Fighter X Tekken(PS3/360) is in the magazine
  • Listening to: Aerosmith, K-ON, Persona 3 and 4
  • Reading: Uncharted The Fourth Labyrinth
  • Watching: Sengoku Collection and Shirokuma Cafe
  • Playing: SLENDER
  • Eating: Marmite and Cookies
  • Drinking: Dr Pepper and Sprite


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Ben Leslie
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United Kingdom
Hello, my name is Ben Leslie

Feel free to check out my own art I've done in my spare time, I used to do A-S Level Art and GCSE Art when I was at College.

Now I do lot of Manga Cross-Overs with the Kingdom Hearts series. I'll just about draw anything in general

Current Residence: Bedlington (UK)
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Heavey Metal, Trash and JPOP
Favourite style of art: Random and Manga/Anime
Favourite cartoon character: Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
Personal Quote: Persona and "Got it Memorized"- Axel (KH2)

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